A3 certificate frames with and without mount

Discover our elegant collection of A3 hand-made certificate frames designed to showcase your achievements beautifully. Although less common than A4 certificates, A3 certificates are issued by some institutions for professional qualifications, diplomas and awards.

You can decide between a standard A3 frame or one with a mount. The aperture size of the mount is 394mm x 273 mm. A mount, providing is does not compromise any details on your certificate, can further enhance whatever achievement you wish to display. We advise checking the aperture size against your certificate prior to ordering.

For both options you can choose between three different styles that match the rest of our range. If you decide on a mount, there are then ten different coloured mounts from Crimson to Royal Blue to choose from.

All our A3 frames are fitted with removal backboards and antiglare plexiglass as standard, which will reduce the damaging effects of UV light.

If you are looking to frame a professional qualification from a recognised institution, take a look at the relevant link below.  We produce embossed mounts for more than 50 professional institutes and associations.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a frame for a graduation certificate from a UK university, choose the University Certificate Frames link below.  We have over 130 universities listed.

A3 Certificate Frames - SELECT BELOW

A3 Certificate Frames with a mount


A3 Certificate Frames without a mount


ICAEW certificate frame - Classic Black and Gold

Professional Certificate Frames with an embossed mount


University Certificate Frames with an embossed mount